1. Safety
Laboratory safety is the priority and this requires all students in the lab to be observing safe practices at all times!

• Every one in the laboratory must always follow dress code (must wear apron along with shoes).
• Make sure you understand how the experimental apparatus works and what all of the adjustments do before you attempt to operate it.
• Be sure you have asked, and received an answer, from the staff or the technician about any possible hazards related to your experiment before attempting to operate it.
• Care must be used in the handling of chemicals to avoid spills and to avoid contact with the skin.

2. Course Objectives

• Learning to combine elements of theory and practice.
• Developing competence in conducting experiments.
• Learning the key concepts and process parameters of each process step.
• Learning safety lab procedures.
• Learning communication skills.
• Learning to work as a team.
• Learning design skills in planning and conducting lab experiments.
• Learning the application of probability and statistics in experimental design and analysis.
• Learning to present experimental results in writing.

3. Course Outcomes
Students are able to
• Combine elements of theory and practice.
• Plan and conduct lab experiments.
• Present experimental results in writing.